Quantum Capital, LLC is an independent advisory firm located in Miami, Florida. Quantum specializes in the Latin America and the Caribbean markets. With the support of its professional staff, Quantum provides advice (counsel or guidance) in the following services:

  • • Structure Financing

    Trade Finance: Guidance on the structure, and qualification process. Quantum, has extensive experience in working with Export Credit Agencies (“ECA”) and development banks around the world, which enables us to help and provide the best possible advice on the terms and structure required to finance projects.

    Forfating: Quantum will actively work with clients to help secure financing (with or without resources) against trade documents, from qualified buyers.

  • • Capital Raising

    Quantum has relationships with institutional investors, qualified buyers, investment banks, hedge funds, and finance companies required to execute a transaction.

    We work with our clients in a mandate to find and raise specific amounts of money for debt or equity capital to perform acquisitions, debt refinancing or simply to explore going to capital markets outside the client´s home country. We work alongside the capital structure from revolving debt, long term debt, mezzanine financing to equity capital. Our job is to find the best set of options for our clients and help them analyze each option as well as help them make the right decision according to their needs.

  • • Financial Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Quantum´s team of professionals can advise companies in Latin America in the execution of mergers &
    acquisitions, debt restructurings and syndicated loans.